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Product Tester

As a product tester you will receive exciting products that interest you. Whether you are a bookworm, gadget lover, or elite athlete (or anything in between!) – our partners will have a product for you. Your mission: to test and evaluate. The manufacturer will decide whether you will be simply reviewing the product for our feedback system, or if your review will also be published on Amazon.
Before you sign up for a product test, you will be able to see the conditions associated with the product (e.g. if special skills are required) and how many points will be rewarded for completing the test. For each successfully completed test, you will receive at least one point. The more points you have, the more products will be offered to you in the future.
Have friends who would also like to become product testers? For each tester successfully recruited, you will receive four points!

Manufacturer / Publisher

As a manufacturer you are guaranteed to receive feedback from your target audience. You decide whether the feedback you receive from the testers remains private to inform your product development, or whether the review is also published on Amazon.
The German study “Die Macht der Sterne” (The Power of Stars) by Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH), BIG Social Media GmbH, and the Department of International Business Administration and E-Commerce Aalen University produced the following conclusions:

  • Products with positive reviews will on average reach a 30% increase in sales.
  • Products with a positive rating sell twice as well as products which remain unrated.
  • The average success of a sale is 63% higher when a product has more than 50 reviews.

Did you know that Amazon reviews not only affect purchase decisions, but also the visibility of the product?


Can you buy positive Amazon reviews?

Not at ASIN Booster. Our product testers test the products made available to them and then, if desired by the customer, publish their review on Amazon via their personal Amazon account. In both cases feedback can be positive or negative.

How much time does the product tester have?

The tester must review the product within 30 days of receiving it.

Are there any costs associated with being a product tester?

No. Product testers can then either keep the tested product (usually the case) or return the product once the test is complete. Even if test products need to be returned to us, product testers receive an appropriate return shipping label to return the test product free of charge.

Where do the products come from?

The products are provided by authors/publishers, studios, producers, or distributors.

Are you, as a product tester, paid or pressured to write favourable reviews?


Do product testers have the chance to test pre-release products?

Yes, some of our customers provide products to be tested before their release onto the market to receive valuable feedback from users.

How much does a customer pay for a test?

In addition to the monthly membership fee of €99, customers pay for the implementation of the product testing which is between €5 and €15 depending on the booked package.

Is there a warranty on the test products?

As mentioned previously, we also offer pre-release and prototype products to testers. That does not mean that the quality of those products is inferior to the final version but this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore there is generally no warranty on test products.

Are reviews of products that were received for free biased?

Our product testers are encouraged to give each product a true and unbiased review. They are also encouraged to clearly state in their reviews that they received the product for free in exchange for a review. This is to ensure the reader of the review knows that the reviewer was not paid to test the product.

Are product testers allowed to sell or give away the test products?

No. Even after the products are in the tester’s possession, the product remains property of the client. Therefore, the product tester must not give away or sell the test product. If the product tester has no need for the product and prefers to dispose of it, we encourage them to recycle.

How are the products distributed among the product testers?

For each completed review, a product tester will be rewarded at least one point. One point corresponds to one ticket which can then be used to enter the raffle for the selection of product testers for a given product test. When a tester registers their interest for an available product, all of their “tickets” will be added automatically to the raffle. Therefore, the more points/tickets the tester has, the greater the chance that their ticket will be drawn to test the product. Each tester can only be drawn once per product test.

What requirements must be met to become a tester at ASIN Booster?

An Amazon profile that is at least 12 months old with a review history of at least 10 helpful, comprehensively written reviews.

Can a product tester still apply if they do not meet the requirements?

Yes, this is possible. A convincing review history must be provided, but we welcome regular reviewers provided the oldest review is less than 12 months old. Applicants with less than the minimum 10 reviews or reviews older than 12 months will be added to our watch list and will be contacted by us as soon as the requirements are met.

Are there adverse consequences if a product tester publishes a negative review?


Can the customer influence the product tester in any way?

No. All test products are delivered to us by contracted entities and then will be distributed to the product testers by us. Clients have no contact with the product testers and have no influence on the reviews produced by them.

How many products can a product tester test at a time?

Each tester can test three products simultaneously. If three tests are currently underway and the product tester would like to try a new product, they must first write a review for at least one of the three products currently in their posession.

What happens when a product tester fails to deliver a review on time?

If a product tester fails to submit a review within 30 days allowed, a rating point will be deducted for each day of delay.

How can you have your products reviewed via Amazon Vine?

You cannot, unless you are invted into the small circle of selected Amazon partners.

What is expected of me as a product tester?

A description of what is expected of a product tester and the conditions that must be met can be found in our overview: “How do I become a product tester?”.